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Profile of the Representative

Name:          Sanae Sakata

Licenses in Japan:   Certified Immigration Solicitor (authorized by the Ministry of Justice, 2001)
              Registered real estate transaction manager (Tokyo in 1993)
              Certified English sight seeing interpreter
              (authorized by the Ministry of Transport, 1991)

License in England:   Certificate of Proficiency in English
                (University of Cambridge, Local Examination Syndicate)
               June 1989 in Croydon, England

Address:         5-3-15 Komone, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Japan
             (12minutes walk from Kotake-mukaihara station.、Yurakucho-line, Eidann subway)

Tel:            +81-3-3530-0261
Fax:            +81-3-6914-2423
SKYPE:         sanaesakata

E-mail address:   info@sanae-office.com
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URL:          http://www.sanae-office.com

How do you do. My name is Sanae Sakata.
I was born and raised at Itabashi ward in Tokyo.
After I graduated from Keio University (Commerce department ), I got a chance to live in England for 5 years .
During my stay in England, I thoroughly enjoyed my life in Purley, Surrey. (a bit countryside of England)
I was really grateful as everybody around us were kind and helpful toward foreigners like us.
As I learned practical English through living in England, I determined to repay my gratitude after I came back to Japan.

Firstly, I worked as English tour guide to introduce Japan as I passed the national Exam of English tour guide.
Then, I got the Certificate of Legal Administrative Documentation Attorney (Gyosei-shoshi,Tokyo in 2001) to work as a Certified Immigration Solicitor.

Sakata Immigration Solicitor Office

5-3-15 Komone, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan 173-0037
(12minutes walk from Kotake-mukaihara Station, Yurakucho Line(subway))

Phone: +81-3-3530-0261 / Fax: +81-3-6914-2423/ SKYPE: sanaesakata

URL: http://www.sanae-office.com
E-mail: info@sanae-office.com
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