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Status of Residence provided for in the Immigration Control Act amounts to 27.


 1  Diplomat  2  Official  3  Professor
 4 Artist  5 Religious Activities  6 Journalist


 7 Investor/Business Manager  8 Legal/Accounting 
 9 Medical Services
 10 Researcher  11 Instructor  12 Engineer
 13 Specialist in Humanities/
    International Services
 14 Intra−company 
 15 Entertainer
 16 Skilled Labor  


 17 Cultural Activities   18 Temporary Visitor


 19 College Student   20 Pre−college Student
 21 Trainee  22 Dependent


 23 Designated Activities


 24 Permanent Resident   25 Spouse or Child of Japanese 
 26 Spouse or Child of Permanent 
 27  Long Term Resident 

Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence

 The foreign national seeking entry into Japan should get through the landing examination by an Immigration Inspector at the airport or seaport at which he or she has arrived.

 It is for an applicant seeking entry to establish that he or she conforms to the landing conditions. But, it may need a lot of supporting materials and time to establish that he or she fulfills the requirement under Article 7,Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Immigration Control Act in a brief landing examination.

 Therefore, in Article 7-2 of the immigration Control Act, the procedures to apply for the certificate in advance showing that the applicant fulfills the requirement are established.

 This certificate is called " Certificate of Eligibility".

 If an applicant carries it, he or she is deemed to conform to the requirement under Article 7, Paragraph 1, Item 2 and therefore the landing procedures are simplified. In addition, because a certificate of eligibility indicates that the examination on the status of residence and the adaptability for the landing examination criteria have already been completed, the visa application to Japanese Consulate abroad can be admitted within a short term.

 Administrative procedures specialist (Immigration solicitor or " Gyoseishoshi") authorized by the Minister of Justice can apply for an application on behalf of foreign clients.

Investor/Business Manager ( Status of Residence )

Foreign nationals who want to establish their own company in Japan are required to obtain the status of residence under the title of Investor /Business Manager .

In order to acquire this visa, you have to testify that your business is well established in Japan.
Some examples of requirements necessary to be fulfilled to get this visa are shown below:

The facilities to be used as an office is located in Japan

At least 2 full-time employees in Japan

In case an applicant is to engage in the management of international trade or other business in Japan, he or she should have at least 3 years' experience in the operation and/or management of business and receive no less salary than a Japanese national would receive for comparable work.

hose requirements would be varied according to your position in the company concerned.

In order to work in Japan

Among 27 status of residence shown above, you can work in Japan if you acquire the status of residence from No.1 to No.16, from No.24 to No.27. (regarding No.19,20,21,22,23, you need special permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted.)

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